Sylvie Fainzang
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  • Phone : +33 1 49 58 36 22
  • Location : Paris / Villejuif, France
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Sylvie Fainzang PhD + HdR Social Anthropology

Course and current status

    Sylvie Fainzang is a French medical anthropologist. She obtained her PHD in 1984, then a Habilitation to Direct Researches in the EHESS (School of High studies in social sciences) in Paris in 1997. She is Director of Research in the INSERM (national institute of health and medical research), and a member of the Cermes (Center of research: medicine, sciences, health and society).

Scientific summary

Her main researches are on :

  • Social and cultural dimensions of behaviors relating to health and illness
  • Pharmaceutical uses and compliance
  • Patient information
  • Lying in doctor/patient relationships
  • Self-medication and patient autonomy

Main publications and expertises on

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