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Raphaël Margueron PhD, Biochemistry.

Course and current status

2016 to now:    Senior Group leader, Curie Institute.

2018 to now:    Scientific director genetic screen platform CRISPRit, Curie Institute.

April 2010-2016: unior Group leader, Curie Institute, Developmental Biology and Genetics, UMR 3215 CNRS, U934 INSERM.

2003-2010: Postdoctoral Study: “Polycomb Repression Complex and prostate cancer”, Dr D. Reinberg Laboratory.

2003-2006: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, NJ, USA.

2006-2010: New York University, School Of Medicine, NY, USA

1999-2003: Ph.D. Study: “Role of acetylation in estrogens signalling in human mammary cancer cells” (INSERM U540, Montpellier). Supervisor Dr V. Cavaillès.

Scientific summary

Chromatin structure is defined by several parameters such as combination of histone post-translational marks, nucleosome occupancy, DNA methylation or incorporation of histone variants. Chromatin structure contributes to the epigenetic regulation of gene expression, DNA replication or DNA repair. The polycomb proteins maintain gene silencing throughout development. In their absence, development is impaired as a consequence of alterations in various biological processes such as differentiation, cell identity or proliferation. Furthermore, the polycomb machinery is often altered in pathologies such as cancer.

We are investigating how the polycomb machinery is regulated, how the actions of chromatin modifiers are orchestrated and how their alterations might contribute to tumorigenesis.

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