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Alicia Torriglia MD., PhD, HDR

Course and current status

Several teching possitions at the Biochemistry department, School of Medicine, Montevideo, Urugay, Associate in ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, Strong Memorial Hospittal, Rochester N. Y., Chargé de Recherche at INSERM.

Today: Research Director at INSERM

Scientific summary

I started my research career in biochemistry of the lens. From then on, I have been working in ocular tissues, mostly lens, cornea and retina. At the moment my research deals with the molecular mechanisms of cell death in the retina. My interest in caspase independent pathways lead to the discovery in 1998 of a cathepsin and serine proteases -dependent pathway, the LEI/L-DNase II. In line with this research I am now interested in cell death activated by lysosome permeabilization.

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