Armelle Rancillac
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Armelle Rancillac PhD Neurosciences

Course and current status

2000-2003: PhD. student, UMR 7624 (Dir. Jean Mariani), Laboratoire de Neurobiologie et Pharmacologie de la synapse, Paris, France.

2003: PhD in Neurosciences.

2006: Inserm Researcher (CR2) at ESPCI-Paris Tech (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de Paris), UMR 7637 (Dir. Jean Rossier), Laboratoire de Neurobiolgie.

2010: Inserm Researcher (CR1) at ESPCI-Paris Tech, UMR 7637 (Dir. Serge Birman), Laboratoire de Neurobiolgie.

Scientific summary

I earned my PhD in Neuroscience in 2003 at Paris VI, while working with Francis Crépel and Hervé Daniel on synaptic plasticity using patch-clamp recordings on cerebellar slices. In my dissertation, I described for the first time, several forms of synaptic plasticity between stellate cells and parallels fibers.

Then, I joined Jean Rossier’s laboratory at the ESPCI ParisTech, as a postdoctoral fellow, to study the neurovascular coupling within the cerebellum. I demonstrated that cerebellar stellate and Purkinje cells dilate and constrict, respectively, neighboring blood vessels. In 2006, I got a researcher position at the INSERM.

I am currently investigating the vasomotor control of intracortical blood vessels by interneurons. Combining patch-clamp, RT-PCR, infrared videomicroscopy and Neurolucida reconstructions, I aimed to characterize the roles of different interneuron subpopulations in the neurovascular coupling of the mouse somatosensory cortex.

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