Abdelhak Mansouri
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  • Location : Paris, France
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Abdelhak Mansouri PhD Food sciences and nutrition

Course and current status

2001: Engineer degree in Food Sciences and Nutrition from the National Agronomic Institute of Algiers (Algeria).

2003: Master degree in Food Quality Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (Crete, Greece).

2008: PhD degree in Physiology of Nutrition from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (Switzerland).

2008-present: Post-doctoral follow in the field of Physiology and lipid metabolism at Cochin Institute, Paris (France).

Scientific summary

I am a Post-Doctoral researcher at the “Cochin Institute, department of endocrinology, metabolism and cancer, Paris, France, since Mai 2008. I followed almost all my studies in the field of food science and nutrition. I have a quite strong knowledge in the field of food chemistry where I worked with different analytical and chromatographic techniques and especially with liquid chromatography (LC) coupled with mass spectroscopy (MS). I worked on the extraction and identification of natural products from different sources such as herbs and fruits, as shown in my publications. I was involved also in different other research projects aiming to establish the phenolic profile using HPLC or LC-MS. This research work was during the preparation of my Master thesis as well as a one-year working as laboratory assistant in the laboratory of the chemistry of natural products within the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete, Greece.

During my PhD studies, in the field of physiology of nutrition under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Langhans, I was dealing with the mechanisms of control of food intake and particularly the role of hepatic fatty acid oxidation in the control of food intake. During this time I got a lot of experience working with different techniques of analysis, microsurgical techniques in rats, molecular biology, animal feeding behavior, but also a lot of cell culture work.

At present time, my post-doctoral research project focuses on the study of the relationship between hepatic fatty acid oxidation, steatosis, inflammation and the resulting diseases such as Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. I am working on the modulation of hepatic fatty acid oxidation and its impact on diet-induced inflammation and liver diseases in mice. My research work, involves the use of different molecular biology techniques (gene expression), liver histology, evaluation of the inflammatory state, electronic microscopy and lipidomic analysis of the liver tissue.

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