Luc Multigner
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  • Location : Rennes, France
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Luc Multigner Senior Researcher, DR2 Inserm

Course and current status


Group Leader Team " Exposure Assessment and Epidemiological Research on Environment, Reproduction and Development" - Inserm U1085 - IRSET. Rennes & Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe, French West Indies)


Scientific summary

The overall goal is to identify, at the population level, occupational and environmental exposures (particularly endocrine disruptors) as risk factors for developmental disorders and alteration of reproductive functions, including fertility, child development and prostate cancer. To achieve this objective,  large scale epidemiological studies in regions particularly concerned with environmental pollution (Brittany & French West Indies) have been implemented. Assessment of exposure of these populations are based on advanced analytical tools using a panel of biological and environmental indicators, as well as modelling.

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