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Gérard LIZARD PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology, and PhD Immunology

Course and current status

University Degrees and Qualification

1989 PhD Immunology (Lyon, France); competency for Research Direction.

1984 PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology (Lyon); Honours Immunology (Lyon)

1981 Biochemistry Engineer (National Institut of Applied Sciences, Lyon); Honours Cellular and Molecular Biology

Scientific summary

Strong experiments in the characterization of the side effects (induction of cell death, activation of inflammatory and oxidative processes) triggered by biological agents and chemicals, especially lipids (cholesterol oxide derivatives, fatty acids) on various cellular models, and in cell signalisation.

Important experiment in clinical studies as principal or secondary investigator.

Technical transfert in flow cytometry (antigenic analysis, cell cycle analysis, functional tests, multiplexed analyses) towards various Inserm Units and University hospitals (France and abroad).

Seven years of post-doctoral position in Pharmaceutical companies as researcher (1984-1991); recruited as engineer-researcher by Inserm in 1991; currently head of research Inserm, and associated director of the team Metabolic Biochemistry and Nutrition (Inserm Research Center 866 - Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer - Dijon)

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