Bernard Gibaud
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  • Phone : +33 2 23 23 45 90
  • Location : Rennes, France
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Bernard Gibaud PhD Biomedical Engineering

Course and current status

Senior INSERM researcher in the LTSI research team (Inserm Unit 1099)

(INSERM = French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) 


  • Graduated from Sup'Télécom Paris (1979)
  • PhD from the University of Rennes I (1983)
  • "Habilitation Thesis" from the University of Rennes I (2000)

Background and Past Positions

  • 1985-1996 : INSERM research associate in Unit 335 of INSERM (“Compréhension et Communication des Signaux et Images en Médecine”, Dir: J-M Scarabin), then in UPRES 2232 “Cortex Cérébral et Epilepsies”, Dir : P. Chauvel)
  • Interim-director of UPRES EA 2232 “Cortex Cérébral et Epilepsies”)
  • 2000 – 2005: Director of UPRES EA 3192 “Intégration de Données Multimédia en anatomie et physiologie cérébrale pour l'aide à la décision et l'enseignement”, INSERM ESPRI
  • 2006 -2011: Senior INSERM researcher with INSERM (1985-…) in Unit 746 of INSERM (“Vision, Action et Gestion d'informations en Santé”, Dir: C. Barillot)
  • 2012 – …: Senior INSERM researcher in the MediCIS Team (P. Jannin), part of LTSI Unit 1099 of INSERM (“Laboratoire du Traitement du Signal et de l'Image", Dir: L. Senhadji)


Scientific summary

Major Past Research Activities

  • 3D multimodal imaging in neurosurgery
  • SIRENE Project: first generation national PACS project (1985-1989)
  • MIMOSA Project (Medical Image Management in an Open System Architecture), in the contex of the EurIPACS project - AIM DG XIII program (1992-1994)
  • NeuroBase project (2002-2006)
  • Several participations to standardization activities in CEN TC251 and DICOM
  • NeuroLOG project : Sharing of distributed heterogeneous resources in neuroimaging, ANR grant (2007-2010)
  • Ontology-based image annotation systems (2006- …)
  • Virtual Imaging Project, ANR grant (2010-2012)

Major Current Research Activities

  • Ontology-based image annotation systems (2006- …), currently applied in the field of DTI for brain connections annotation
  • CrEDIBLE project (CNRS MASTODONS) - Sharing of distributed heterogeneous resources for medical image processing (2012-...)
  • S3PM project (Synthesis and Simulation of Surgical Process Models), supported by the CominLabs Labex. (2013-…)
  • B-COM Technology Research Institute:  IsIMED project on distributed medical imaging infostructure (2013-…)
  • Production of semantic annotations for the sharing of Deep Brain Stimulation treatment data in patients with Parkinson's disease (“défi émergent” grant from Rennes 1 University in 2013-2014)
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