Grégoire Rey
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Grégoire Rey PhD Epidemiology, Director of CépiDc-Inserm

Course and current status

Since 2013: Director of CépiDc-Inserm

The CépiDc (French epidemiology centre on medical causes of death) is a Service Unit composed of 25 agents. It has 3 missions:

- Production of the national database on medical causes of deaths,

- Diffusion of the data and methodological support to medical researchers and public health institutions,

- Studies and research on public health issues involving medical causes of death, and on improvements of the production and use of the database.

2008-2012 : Research engineer at Inserm - CépiDc


-    Analyses of mortality by cause of death

-    In charge of students and research officers

-    Methodological expertise on mortality analyses using CépiDc database

2004-2007 :  Study engineer at Inserm - U754


PhD thesis, Université Paris-Sud 11 directed by Denis Hémon: Excess mortality related to heat waves: socio-demographic vulnerability factors and medical causes of death.

Scientific summary

PhD thesis

This thesis aimed at identifying major heat waves in France, on the period 1971-2003, using meteorological criterions. The excess mortality, systematically associated to the six identified heat waves, was analysed by medical cause of death and sociodemographic individual factors. More specifically for the 2003 heat wave, socioeconomic vulnerability was analysed under the ecological

Work as a research ingeneer at CépiDc (2008-2012)

Following the PhD, Grégoire Rey was in charge of the studies and research department of the CépiDc. He worked on many factors describing mortality variation factors:

- spatial associations and its time course during the 1990's between a deprivation index developed during my PhD and mortality by cause of death,

- mortality attributable to alcohol consumption: toward a critical review of methodological aspects surrounding its estimation process,

- avoidable mortality related to health care system: methodological contribution to an European project (AMIEHS: aiming at redefining the list of conditions amenable to health care system. I developed a jump detection and correction method in order to use long term by cause mortality time series,

- participation in the MEHO European project (, we studied mortality by country of birth in France.

Work as the director of CépiDc (2013-)

Since 2013, Grégoire Rey is the Director of the CépiDc Inserm. He obtained his accreditation to supervise research (HDR) in 2014 with the following research results and perspectives:

- Quality of causes of deaths data: evaluation by internal and external comparisons, and proposition to improve the production process,

- Socioeconomic and socio-spatial mortality differentials: improvement of the French statistical system, definition of mortality inequalities indicators, multilvelel analyses,

- Quality of care evaluation through mortality indicators: detection of adverse events attributable to medication (in collaboration with ANSM), and development of Hospital Mortality Ratios by the use of a database linking causes of death and hospital discharge data (AMPHI project in collaboration with CnamTS, DREES and HAS),

- Statistical developments: handling missing causes of death, multiple causes of deaths and causal inference for cause-specific survival analysis,

- Database record matching: developing tools of probabilistic linkage (in collaboration with ITMO de santé publique).

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