France Mentré
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  • Location : Paris, France
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France Mentré Professor of Biostatistics

Course and current status

Since 2003, Director of the research unit UMR 738 of University Paris Diderot and INSERM called: « Models and Methods for the therapeutic assessment of chronic diseases »

Head of the team “ Biostatistical Modelling and Pharmacometrics” created in January 2009.

Since 2000, Professor of Biostatistics at University Paris Diderot, School of Medicine

Scientific summary

I am doing research on biostatistical modelling and pharmacometrics for more than 25 years.

Main Methodological developments

Exact estimation methods in nonlinear mixed-effect models
Design optimisation in nonlinear mixed-effect models (
Model evaluation in nonlinear mixed-effect models (
Model selection, covariate tests and pharmacogenetics
Modelling data from interaction or bioequivalence studies

Main Application areas

Pharmacology and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral drugs in HIV patients
Variability of the response to oral anticoagulant drugs
Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic parameters, efficacy and antibiotic resistance
Chemosensitivity to antimalarial agents
Evolution of biomarkers of the Gaucher disease, with or without treatment
Infectious endocarditis
Bioequivalence of monoclonal antibodies

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