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Michel GEFFARD MD, PhD Neurosciences

Course and current status


- Responsible for the laboratory within IBCN-CNRS (team of 12 persons), University of Bordeaux II, from the end of 1985 to the end of 1989.

- Researcher for INSERM, 2nd class, since July, 1988 and Responsible for the laboratory of Immunology and pathology (team of 12 persons), University of Bordeaux II of the end of 1989 in 1995.

 - Incorporation within the laboratory of the Incorporation of the Material in the System of Physical appearance (IMS), ENSCBP Pessac since the 1rst July, 1999.

- Scientific director of the Institute for the Development of Research in Human and Therapeutic Pathology (IDRPHT) since 1988, and scientific adviser of the Society GEMACBIO since 2001.

Scientific summary

- Prizewinner Bernard Halpern, awarded by Professor Philippe LAZAR, managing director of INSERM, and the professor Jean Bernard, member of Academies ; at College de France on December 10th, 1992, for contribution in Neuro-Immunology.

The different stages of our researcher allowed to lead to notion of Endotherapia, therapy was developed for chronic said incurable diseases. The Immunochemistry of the small molecules gave numerous new tools (highly specific antibodies) but especially a new methodological approach which opened to new concepts the recognition of antigens of the oneself and neoantigens (modified self antigens).

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