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marie-france de la cochetière Marie France de LA COCHETIERE (WILLEMSE-COLLINET) Pharmacy, PhD

Course and current status


Marie France de la Cochetière earned a degree of pharmacy in 1976, and her PhD in biological sciences in 1983. Since 1983 she is a research scientist at INSERM Institute.

>Current status

At the present time she is the group leader “Intestinal Microbiota - Antibiotherapy” within professor Gilles Potel’s research team “Thérapeutiques Cliniques et Expérimentales des Infections”

Jointly run by the University and the Hospital of Nantes, this research team is focused on antibiotherapy and infections using a variety of approaches including experimental infectious models, epidemiology, gut microbiota and antibiotherapy, pharmacokinetic and molecular biology, genetics, physics, biocomputing and genomics.

Scientific summary

>Scientific summary

Marie France de la Cochetière main scientific interest is the characterisation of biomarkers and the translation of basic research findings into clinical practices and new personalized medicines. She is a specialist in molecular analysis of the intestinal microbiota. Her group has contributed to extend the concept of predictive resident intestinal microbiota, expressly in an antibiotherapy context, in the development of Clostridium difficile, diarrhea or specific diseases as Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

Now, the group is actively developing analysis on adult patients’cohort, based on the theory of intestinal microbiota susceptibily to diarrhea, in order to better understand the interactions among the bacterial genes involved and the host, as well as to test potential treatments.

Further, as the microbiota implantation in new born has an impact in the development of the baby that may stay well beyond the childhood, the group also carries studies on correlation between the implantation of bacterial genes and early antibiotherapy treatment.

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