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Valérie GEOFFROY PhD Molecular and cellular biology, in vivo experimentation

Course and current status

Formation 1996 - PhD, University Paris 6; 2009 - HDR University Paris Diderot

ResearcherID: P-1521-2014


Current Position : Research Director at Inserm (French National institute for Health and Medical Research) UMR_S1229 RMeS "Regenerative Medicine and skeleton"
Deputy head
of the team "Regos: Regenerative Medicine of bone tissues"

Previous research activities :

1995-1997 Research assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, US;

1998-2001 Research associate at Friedrich Miescher Institute (Novartis), Basel, Switzerland;

2002-2004 Research assistant at Inserm U349, Paris;

2005-2008 Research Investigator (1st class) at Inserm U606 "bone and joints", Paris;

2008-2012 Research Investigator (1st class) and team leader at Inserm U606, Paris;

2012-2013 Director of research (2nd class) and team leader at Inserm U606

2014-2016 Director of research (2nd class) and team leader at Inserm U1132 BIOSCAR

Scientific summary

The REGOS team is a translational group focused on bone regeneration research with all the aspects related to this topic from physiopathology to 4R medical treatments (Replace, Repair, Regenerate, Reprogram). The REGOS team focuses on head bones from specialities of Odontology, Head and Neck, Maxillofacial surgery as well as Orthopedic surgery. Our research areas are bone apposition on mandibule and bone regeneration in periodontitis or peri implantitis, bone regeneration after irradiation for treatment of cancer, bone reconstruction in cleft and palate syndrome and long bone interruptive lesions. Our projects are divided into 3 themes from the basic science to the medical application: 1) Molecular control of bone aging and bone regeneration (V. Geoffroy), 2) Hybrid biomaterials for bone scaffolds (P. Weiss) and 3) Translational research in bone regeneration (O. Malard/P. Corre).

My specific aims deal with the fundamental processes controlling aging, degenerescence and the process of bone regeneration. My group aims to investigate novel epigenetic mechanisms of osteoformation and find target molecules that could contribute to reprogram stem cells.

Valérie Geoffroy is actually partner in the ANR-BMBF Bilateral project “iBone” ( The goal of iBONE is to uncover and characterize epigenomic networks that control bone formation and are altered during ageing to uncover new potential targets for osteoanabolic therapy. Valérie Geoffroy also leads the “RegOmiR” project (RFI Bioregate, Pays de la Loire) that goal is to enhance in vivo bone regeneration using miRNAs and biomaterials.

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