Isabelle PERSEIL PhD Computer Science

Course and current status

Engineer & Doctor (PhD) in Computer Science (Telecom ParisTech)

ORCID:   0000-0001-9058-9290

Technical Advisory Board Chair of RDA  

Scientific Board Member of ORAP     

Head of Research & Development in Computer Science (R&D)

Head of the Computational Science Coordination at Inserm (CISI)

Head of the e-infrastructures team

R&D provides the best practices in HPC, Grids, Cloud Computing, parallel computing, Research data management, Big data, Machine Learning for the 300 Inserm Research Units

The R&D involves the following fields:

- Medical imaging and preclinical imaging
- Bioinformatics and molecular analysis
- Mathematical and theoretical biology, Biostatistics
- Molecular modeling and chemoinformatics
- e-health, Knowledge engineering
- Medical robotics, interventional techniques 
- Medical cyber physical systems
- Particle therapy
- Computer simulations

Ongoing European projects:   EOSC-LIFE  WP6 leader (FAIRification and provenance services)

Involved in: France Medecine Genomique 2025 (CAD), Dassault Systemes partnership, Plan transversal Variabilité du Génome

Scientific summary

Domains of expertise:    e-infrastructures, Algorithmics, Parallel computing, Grids and HPC, Cloud Computing, Research data management, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (deep learning), Model Based Systems Engineering, Integration of formal methods in software engineering

Teaching: Algorithmics, Software and systems architecture, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, UML, SysML, AADL, TLA+, PVS

Associate professor @Ecole Centrale de Paris, CNAM

Publications (not in PubMed) in dblp

PhD/HDR Supervising activities:

PhDs Advisor of Daniel Salas (parallel computing), Inserm

- Athlone doctoral symposium(reviewer of 4 PhDs)

- Examiner of the PhD jury of Neeraj Kumar Singh (Loria, France)

- Reviewer of Alfredo Motta PhD thesis (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

- Examiner of Andreas Bollin HDR (Klagenfurt, Austria)

- Examiner of Mohamed Karasad PhD thesis (IMT, France)

- Examiner of Ronan Baduel PhD thesis (IRIT, France)

PC chair, PC member of many conferences (IEEE ICECCS 2011, IEEE ICECS 2012...UML&FM, UML&AADL, FHIES 2012...FMSEET 2015)

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