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Laurence Mora (ex Ponsonnet) Professor, PhD Material Engineering

Course and current status


• Habilitation to supervise research, Ecole Centrale de Lyon / University of Lyon I (1998).
Laboratory: Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes, UMR 5513, Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Topic: "Cell adhesion in biology. Interest of Energy filtered Microscopy”
Jury: P. Bongrand, E. Delain, C. Esnouf, P. Gounon, O. Vittori, C. Foa, JM Martin.

• Thesis PhD in Materials Science, University Paris-Sud (1994), Laboratory: Laboratoire de Métallurgie Structurale, Orsay (91) Title: "Structure-mechanical and creep properties between "350 ° C and 450 ° C in 'bCez alloy 

• Special Master in Metallurgy and Materials, University of Paris XI - Orsay (1990).

• DESS Industrial Engineering: Option Science and Engineering Materials, University of Paris XI - ORSAY,

• License and Maîtrise de Sciences Physiques, University Paris XI - ORSAY,

• A DEUG, UER Sciences St Etienne; BAC D, Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.

Current Status:

Professor in Paris 13 University

CNU Section: 33, Chemistry of Materials
Part of the research: Laboratory of Cardiovascular Polymers Bio-engineering (BPC)

Research topics:

Biosensors, Biomaterials, Biocompatibility. Electrochemistry.


Scientific summary

Fisrt of all, I worked using analytical electron microscopy during 6 years (1995-2001) : SEM and TEM.

Now,  I used contact angle (static and dynamic) to analyse the wetting properties of surfaces. In parallel, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy complete the experiments (2001 to now).

The main topic of my research is around the study of the interface between abiotic surfaces (biomaterials) and biological cells. electrochemical biosensors are also developped to go further in the understanging of this interface.

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