Pascal Guénel
  • E-mail :[email]
  • Phone : +33 1 45 59 50 27
  • Location : Villejuif, France
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Pascal Guénel MD, PhD Epidemiology

Course and current status

Pascal Guénel is Research Director at the Research Center for Epidemiology and Population Health (CESP), Inserm U1018.

He has conducted many studies on occupational and environmental epidemiology of cancers.

Scientific summary

The group headed by Pascal Guénel within the CESP is devoted to the epidemiology of breast, thyroid, prostate and respiratory cancers, with a main research focus on environmental risk factors, endocrine disruptors, occupational exposures and gene-environment interactions. Measuring indicators of circadian rhythm disruption in occupational groups working atypical work hours are a main area of interest in the group. 

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