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ROMAIN GUIEZE senior registrar

Course and current status

Present position with full work address :

2008 :  senior registrar,  Adult Clinical Haematology Unit-CHU ESTAING  1 place Lucie Aubrac, 63003 Clermont Ferrand, France

2008 : Diploma of studies specialized in haematology

2008 : Doctorate in medicine

2005-2006 : Master 2 : molecular and functionnal biology of blood cells-University Paris Diderot- Paris 7

2004-2005 : Master 1 : Cellular differentiation and oncogenesis -University Lille 2

2002-2008 : Internship of specialization in haematology - option diseases of the blood - CHRU Lille

1998-1999 : Certificate of biological and medical sciences - Faculty of medicine- University Clermont Ferrand

1995-2002 : First and second cycle of the medical studies -Faculty medicine-Clermont ferrand


Scientific summary

B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) is the most common leukemic disorder encoutered in adults and is characterized by the accumulation of a clonal population of malignant CD5+ B cells in the blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes and spleen. While patients initially respond to alkylating agent or nucleoside analogue-based chemotherapy mostly associated with anti-CD20 immunotherapy, relapse and resistance, indicative of tumour escape, are common. We focus essential of our research on exploring and targetting chemo and immuno-resistance in B-CLL. It has been clearly shown that B-CLL results form defective apoptosis wich may also contribute to chemo/immunotherapy resistance. We are interesting in studying most ot the signaling pathways involved in B-CLL pathophhysiology such as AKT, NF-KappaB, STAT3 pathways. Intracellular or extracellular regulators of these pathways are on evaluation in order to understand and then target the mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in B-CLL.

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