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Patrick Raynal PhD in biochemistry

Course and current status

Senior research scientist at INSERM, Toulouse, France (since 2007)

Research scientist at INSERM  (1994-2006)

Postdoc at NIH, Bethesda, USA (1992-1994)

PhD in biochemistry, University of Toulouse, France (1992)

Scientific summary

Patrick Raynal, PhD, born 1963, senior research scientist ("Director of Research at INSERM")


Since 2011: Head of team, University Toulouse III

2007-10: Research Director, Head of team INSERM, U563, Toulouse.

2001-06: Research scientist at INSERM U563, Toulouse.

1995-2000: Research scientist at INSERM U326.

1992-94: Post-doctoral position, N.I.H., Bethesda, U.S.A.

1989-92: Ph.D. student, INSERM U326, Toulouse.

1985: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, University of Toulouse. 


Shp2, tyrosine kinase and phosphatase signalling, Noonan/Leopard syndrome, Ras/MAPK, PI3K, EGF receptor, Gab1.


- Referee for scientific journals : Biochem. Pharmacol., Oncogene, Mol. Biol. Cell,  Nature, J. Cell Science, FEBS Lett., Biochim. Biophys. Acta, Exp. Cell Res., J. Cell Sci., FEBS J.

- Evaluation of grant proposals for international and national institutes and organisations: Europe-7th PCRD, NWO Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, FWF Austrian Science Fund, French Universities (Lille, Paris, Toulouse)

- Member of the scientific specialized board of INSERM in metabolism, nutrition, toxicology (2003-2007).

- Teaching to graduate and undergraduate student in French universities (1999-2007, Toulouse, Paris, 20 h/yr on average).

- External referee for PhD Thesis: V. Geeraert (2002, Strasbourg), D. Bouscary (2003, Paris), C. Segalen (2007, Nice), S. Taboubi (2009, Marseille), P. Gontran (2010, Nice), S. Pierre (2010, Paris).

SUPERVIZING OF PhD STUDY: M. Laffargue (1996-99), A. Yart (1999-2003), A. Montagner (2003-06), M. Dance (2004-07), C. Sampaio (2005-08), T. Edouard, (2006-09), A. Nedelec (2007-11).

SUPERVIZING OF RESEARCH SCIENTIST and POST-DOC: A. Yart (2007-2010), J.P. Combier (2007-2009).


1996: Ligue Contre le Cancer, 130 kFF.

1997: Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, 200 kFF.

1999: Ligue Contre le Cancer, 70 kFF

2000: Ligue Contre le Cancer, 90 kFF

2002: Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, 300 kFF

2003: Ligue Contre le Cancer, 11.5 k€

2003: Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, 18 k€

2005: Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, 40 k€

2006: Ligue Contre le Cancer, 8 k€

2007: Agence Nationale pour la Recherche-Maladies Rares, 240 k€

2007: Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, 50 k€

2008: GIS-Institut des Maladies Rares/Réseau National Génopoles, 23 k€

2009: Clinical translational research INSERM-DHOS 95 k€

2009: Institut National du Cancer, 200 k€

2010: European Research Project on Rare Diseases/ANR, 100 k€.


AstraZeneca-Oncologie/Société Française du Cancer (2002, 6k€)

Interface contract with Toulouse Children Hospital, (2007-2011, 18k€/yr)


2001, 2003, FASEB Conferences on Lysophospholipids, USA.

2003, XVIè Eurocancer Meeting, Paris.

2006, Symposium "Developmental Biology and Cancer", Institut Curie, Paris.

2010, FASEB summer research conference on phosphatases, Steamboat, USA.

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