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Eric ESTEVE PhD Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé, neurosciences

Course and current status

09-2021/present: Associate Professor University of Montpellier, France (PhyMedExp)

09-2018/2021: Associate Professor University of California, San Diego USA (UCSD, School of Medecine - Department of cardiology, S. Lange laboratory)

09-2010/2018: Assistant Professor in Physiology (University of Grenoble Alps, UGA France)

09-2009/2010: Teaching assistant (University of Bordeaux, France)

09-2007/2009: Post-doctoral position (CNRS, University of Bordeaux, France)

09-2004/2007: Post-doctoral position (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

09-2001/2004: Ph.D. degree (CNRS, University of Marseilles, France)

Scientific summary

Goal: My research interest is to investigate muscle development, signaling, and maintenance, by studying the biological role of sarcomeric and muscle associated proteins. I am interested in the molecular origins and pathways associated with the development and progression of human cardiac and skeletal myopathies.

Goal: DMD: calcium signaling through mdx mouse (CS7BL/10ScSn-mdx) showing lack of dystrophin. Approaches: cellular mechanisms of cardiac dystrophy by Ca2+ and Na+ influx pathways (RyR, TRP, NCX) in addition to intracellular and SR luminal Ca2+ concentrations
DCM: generation of the Obscurin and Obscurin-like knockout and studies of SR and mitochondria organizations and Ca2+ flux.

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