Mathieu LACAMBRE MD Forensic Psychiatry

Course and current status

- Medical degree (Strasbourg Medical  University from 1998 to 2002)

- Diplôme Inter-Universitaire de psychiatrie criminelle et médico-légale (JL Senon et coll., Facultés de Médecine de Poitiers, Tour, Angers, from sept 2009 to june 2001).

- Diplôme Universitaire de Sciences Criminelles (Institut des Sciences Criminelles, Faculté de Droit de Montpellier, from oct 2006 to may 2007).

- Diplôme Universitaire de Recherche Clinique (Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier, Université Montpellier 1,from nov. 2008 to oct. 2009).

- Diplôme Universitaire de Pédagogie Médical et base de la communication (Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier, Université Montpellier 1, from sept. 2012 to june 2013).

- Since 2004, responsable for forensic psychiatry, with three teams :

   -  a Psychiatric Team in prison

   -  a Psychiatric Forensic Unit for Intensive Care

   -  a Resource Centre for Workers with the Perpetrators of Sexual Violence


- Expert short time with Civipol for a  training program in Algeria (may 2013, august 2013 and  January 2014)

- Psychiatrist in a trauma center in Haïti with MSF  France (sept-oct 2011) after the eartquake

- International support in Sri Lanka (april 2005) after  the tsunami with the Training Hospital of Montpellier.


- Currently enrolled in a science thesis (PHD) to study the neuropsychological alterations of victims and perpetrators of sexual violence.



Scientific summary

▪  23 articles in books or medical journal

▪  20 posters and 49 oral communications

▪  Research on sexual violence

▪  Many conferences mainly about forensic psychiatry

▪  Many seminars, lectures and training courses in psychiatry

- Past president of the French Federation of Resources Centers for Professionnals working with Sexual Offenders (FFCRIAVS )

- President of the Xth CIFAS conference (French International Conference on Sexual Offense) 2019 :

 - Co-President Section Psychiatrie Légale AFPBN :

 - Founder of the BOAT-project : a Comprehensive Evidence-Based Child Abuse Prevention Toolkit :





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