Muriel Laffargue
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  • Location : Toulouse, France
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Muriel Laffargue PhD, Human Physiopathology

Course and current status

University degrees 

-2009: HDR (Hability to manage Ph.D degree), University of Toulouse III, Paul Sabatier

-1999:Ph.D in Cellular Biology and physiology, University of Toulouse III, Paul Sabatier


Scientific career

2014: Research director Dr2, CNRS

-Since 2011: Co-Head of the team 5, I2MC Toulouse: “HDL and PI3K signaling in atherosclerosis”

2003: associate researcher (CR), INSERM U563, Toulouse (Director: Pr. G. Delsol), Department of Lipoproteins and Lipid Mediators. Director: Pr. B. Perret. Research on Phosphoinositide 3 kinase signaling in vascular disease

-1999-2003: Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Supervisor: Pr MP Wymann. Research on the functions of PI3Kgin immune cells.

Scientific summary

Our group focused on  cellular and molecular mechanisms occuring ain response to arterial stress such as lipidic or mechanical stress . Our team has ample expertise in studying signaling pathways altered in arterial diseases with emphasis on PI3K, autophagy, oxidative stress, cell fate and cell metabolism.  Using different primary vascular cell culture  and animal models of arterial injury developed in our lab, we aimed to identify novel signaling pathways involved in atherosclerosis and its complications. In this context, we are working closely with cardiologist of the hospital to propose novel therapeutic strategies to prevent arterial damages. 

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