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Anne-fleur Stephan PhD Biological Engineering

Course and current status

2011/2012: PhD student in Chemical & Biological Engineering Departement, State University of New York at Buffalo

2007 / 2011 

Diplôme d’ingénieur (M. Sc.) in Biological Engineering

Major : Biomaterials and biomechanics

Minor : Technological and scientific culture and communication

Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), France


2005 / 2006

Student in engineering agrofood and health

Institut Polytechnique Lasalle Beauvais, Beauvais, France



Medical School (PCEM1 - Premier Cycle des Études Médicales)

Université Paris V, René Descartes, Paris, France


Scientific summary

March to July 2011

Research engineer (INSERM) at the Vision Institute, Paris, France

Dr. Serge Picaud’s team, Retinal information processing: pharmacology and pathology departement

Biocompatibility study of biomaterials in order to conceive new retinal implants


September 2010 to February 2011

Research & Development Intern, L’Oréal, Clichy, France

Dr. Annie Black’s team, Methods development and predictive models department

Human stem cells lineage characterization in order to reconstruct hypodermis


February to June 2010

Research Project, Unité CNRS 6600, UTC, Compiègne, France

Under the direction of Dr. Jean-Matthieu Prot and Dr. Eric Lecler

Acetaminophen metabolisation study in a bioartifical liver model


March to July 2009

Innovative research project, Unité CNRS 660, Compiègne, France

Under the direction of Dr. Benoît Carpentier and Dr. Cécile Legallais

Optimization and validation of a bioreactor based system to produce in vitro biohybrid bone tissue


July 2007 to February 2008

Engineering assistant intern, Chemical & Biological Engineering Department, SUNY, Buffalo, USA

Under the direction of Dr. Tzanakakis

In vitro study of β pancreatic cells and their differentiation


Conferences :

B. Carpentier, A. Monnier, A.F. Stephan-Evain, M. Alexaline, P. Layrolle, C.Legallais, Accelerated production of biohybrid bone substitutes within bioreactor--based systems, 36th ESAO Congress, Compiègne, France, September 2009 (submitted and accepted)

M. Alexaline, A.F. Stephan-Evain, A. Monnier, B. Carpentier, P. Layrolle, C. Legallais, Optimization and validation of a bioreactor‐based system for the engineering of bone substitutes: Culture of osteoblastic and rat bone marrow mesenchymal cells, 36th ESAO Congress, Compiègne, France, September 2009 (submitted and accepted)

B. Carpentier, P. Layrolle, A. Monnier, M. Alexaline, A.‐F. Stephan-Evain, C. Legallais, Bioreactor‐based systems for the accelerated production of bone substitutes, 22th conference on Biomaterials, European Society for Biomaterials annualmeeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2009 (invited communication)

Publications :

The REG protein family, invited review communication, Biomolecular Concept, 2011

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