Emmanuelle Leray
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Emmanuelle Leray PhD Epidemiology

Course and current status

Professor of epidemiology at EHESP (French School of Public Health) in Rennes, France



From 2022, Jan 1st: Director of INSERM Unit 1309: Health Services Research and Management

The research unit U1309 is integrated in a larger research team UMR CNRS 6051 Arènes.



Following my training at ISPED in Bordeaux, France in public health and epidemiology, I prepared my thesis at the Rennes medical university which I defended in 2005. I then spent a year in Burma as a field epidemiologist for Aide Médicale Internationale. When I returned to France, I had a Hospital-University Assistant position (lecturing + research + methodology consultation missions) in the Department of epidemiology and public health of the University Hospital in Rennes (2007-2010) before joining EHESP at the end of 2010.

Researcher ID/ORCID : 0000-0001-8424-4499

H-index 40

Scientific summary

I'm strongly involved in research about multiple sclerosis (MS), with different kinds of projects: epidemiology (incidence, mortality), natural history (disability progression), pharmacoepidemiology (effectiveness and safety of disease-modifying treatments), health care use and access (care pathways, comorbidities, pregnancy, vaccines...). This neurological disease starts in young adulthood.

I used data from OFSEP, the French Observatory for MS (Lyon, France) and data from SNDS, i.e. the French health insurance system (98% coverage of the French general population).

Linkage between OFSEP and SNDS was performed under my supervision (2022).

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