Hoai-Tuong NGUYEN
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  • Phone : +33 6 84 58 98 33
  • Location : Paris, France
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Hoai-Tuong NGUYEN PhD in Computer Science - Bioinformatics

Course and current status

Postdoctoral Fellow at Genetic Variation and Human Diseases Lab (INSERM - U946), France.

Project GENIBD "Modeling and inference of genome sharing for genetic analysis".

Supervisor: Anne-Louise Leutenegger

Collaborator(s): Gregory NuelMarie-Claude BaronMarina CiulloTeresa Nutile

Learn more: http://genestat.cephb.fr/index.php/en/contact-us?id=89




Recent positions:



Scientific summary

Research interests:

Datamining: Biostatistics, Semantic Web, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Graph mining, Evolutionary Algorithms (genetic algorithm, estimation of distribution algorithm) 

Bioinformatics: Gene Regulatory Networks, Linkage Analysis, Associations Studies, Population Genetics

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