Grégoire Mignot
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  • Location : Dijon, France

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Grégoire Mignot PharmD, PhD in cancer immunology

Course and current status

PharmD in 2005 in Paris-XI University.

PhD in 2009 in INSERM U805 (Pr Zitvogel, Villejuif, France).

Current position : research fellow in INSERM U866 (Dr Ghiringhelli, Dijon, France).

Scientific summary

During my PhD, I worked on the interferon-producing killer dendritic cells (IKDC), which are NK subset capable of tumor cell lysis and antigen presentation. Effector/lytic functions of IKDC are dependant on IL-15 (J Immunol 2008) while soluble antigen presentation is restricted to CD11b+ IKDC, and dependant on tumor encounter (Can Res 2009). I also participated in studies about immunogenic cancer cell death (Nat Med 2008, Nat Med 2009).

Since the beginning of my post-doctoral position, I worked on tumor infiltrate in breast cancer. We described the correlation between lymphocytes infiltration in tumor post-chemothearpy and overall survival, and designed a score associating AJCC score and immune infiltration score which could predicts outcome in neoadjuvante situations (J pathol 2011). I also worked on myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC) in tumor models. We described the involvement of exosomal Hsp72-TLR2-IL6-Stat3 axis in MDSC activation and tumor-associated immunosuppression (J clin Invest 2010). We also described that 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy is able to eradicate tumor-induced MDSC expansion by specifically kill MDSC (Can Res 2010).

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